Keystone Paper & Box Company
A Leader in the Folding Carton Industry

Focused on Integrity

As a customer-focused business, we are keenly aware that integrity and personal service are the “keystones” to our success.

Accordingly, we continue to add to our team of highly experienced & talented sale people, designers, technicians, customer service representatives and project managers to ensure that the beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer packaging products we produce are the best the in the folding carton industry.

Partners and Solution Providers

Our working relationships with our customers run long-term and we value those relationships highly. We serve as partners and solution providers allowing our customers to focus on producing their products while we focus on the packaging.

Keystone’s customers trust that the packaging products we create for them will continually reflect the latest innovations in substrates, inks, coatings and manufacturing – all combined to create the best product while keeping their total cost of doing business as low as it can be.

Call Keystone today to discuss your next folding carton project. We look forward to doing business with you!

Our History

Founded in 1944

On September 01, 1944, Abraham Rutt founded the Keystone Paper & Box Company in Hartford, Connecticut.

In the early years, the company distributed shirt boxes and other supplies to the laundry industry.

Previously, Abraham had founded the Standard Paper Company in 1915.

Abraham Rutt of Keystone Paper & Box Company
Melvin Rutt of Keystone Paper & Box Company

After World War II

After World War II, Abraham’s son, Melvin Rutt, returned from military service to join the family business.

Soon after, the growing company discovered it was more efficient and economical to make boxes rather than buy them. Since then, Keystone’s primary focus has been the design and manufacture of folding cartons.

Continuing to Thrive

Today Abraham’s grandson, James Rutt, proudly helps to lead Keystone’s business development and growth efforts, and is joined by his brother Daniel. The company continues to thrive into its third generation.

James Rutt of Keystone Paper & Box Company
Original Keystone Paper & Box Company Building

At Historic Warehouse Point in East Windsor

As Keystone has grown over the years, so have our needs for space and technology. For many, many years Keystone operations were housed in a renovated 19th century mill building in the historic Warehouse Point section of East Windsor, Connecticut.

Now in South Windsor

In early 2008, we moved our offices and manufacturing facility to a more spacious, state-of-the-art location in South Windsor, Connecticut where we have continued to grow to meet the needs of our customers. Between both buildings operated by Keystone, we have over 100,000 square feet of warehousing and manufacturing space.

Keystone Paper and Box Company Building

Our Sustainability Efforts

Preserving our natural resources, as well as the environment, are top concerns for businesses and consumers in today’s marketplace. B2B and B2C consumers are seeking products that are verified to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For the printing industry that means developing sustainable business practices that allow management of the products we use in our manufacturing processes which originate in our nation’s forests: paper, board and other pulp products.

Keystone Paper and Box believes in “chain of custody” knowledge assuring our customers that all our manufacturing products have been produced with wood or fiber sourced from a properly and responsibly managed forest.

We understand that those organizations able to verify the source of their paper packaging products will possess a competitive edge in the marketplace. And we are committed to providing that level of sustainable business practice, expertise and products to our customers.

Career Opportunities

As a growing company we are always looking for talented people with expertise in any of our areas of business, whether it is creative, account management, administrative, sales, marketing, and everything in between.

Keystone Paper & Box company is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a rewarding working environment with excellent growth opportunitites. We offer a competitive salary and full range of benefits including health and dental insurance and a matching contribution 401K plan. We are also open to flexible hours and telecommuting.

You are encouraged to submit your resume and salary requirements at any time via email to and please include a brief overview of your qualifications and salary requirements in the cover letter. You may also mail in your resume and cover letter to:

Keystone Paper & Box Company
31 Edwin Road
South Windsor, CT 06074
attn: HR Dept/Careers.